FC Forecast

Jesus is building firstChristian and He is inviting you to join Him. God doesn’t need any of us, but in His wisdom, He chooses to work through all of us, working together, to build His kingdom. God has brought firstChristian a long way, and we can all be thankful for the many people God has worked through to get us here. Now, I believe God continues to bring people together to take us into the future. As we step into 2018, we are not crossing a finish line, but a milestone along the journey to something only God can create. He is not done, and neither are we! I strongly believe what God has planned for firstChristian in the coming years will take more of His people pulling together in the same direction. More of us listening to Him. More of us taking faith prompted risks. More of us sacrificing. More of us thinking and dreaming and planning and leading and serving and working and partnering. More of us saying, “I’m in. Let’s do this.” In an effort to leverage and build the momentum God has blessed us with, we are introducing firstChristian Forecasts. At FC Forecasts, church leaders will give an update on where firstChristian is in realizing our vision, share where we believe God is leading and seek input and discuss how best to get from here to there. FC Forecasts are not about predicting the future, but envisioning a preferred future and creating it. FC Forecasts is designed for those who are partnering together in moving firstChristian forward. Meetings are open to anyone who is part of firstChristian, but if you are leading, serving, giving or if you feel God nudging you to help saturate northeast Nebraska with the love of Jesus, this is for you. I encourage you to join the Elders and Staff for the first FC Forecast February 11, at 2:00 p.m. Onward and Upward,

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