There is Fungus Among Us

Around firstChristian, a person might hear several axioms that reveal who we are and what we strive to become. Axioms are powerful leadership proverbs that reveal truth and give a foundation for moving forward. Over time, a person involved at firstChristian would become familiar with these axioms.
  • In Community We Thrive!
  • Doing Life Together!
  • As we grow bigger, we must grow smaller!
These axioms speak to the vital need of building relationships with the people around you at firstChristian. Building relationships is so vital that we consider Group Small one of “The Big Four” disciplines that shape faith. We need each other. Usually, this is where a warm and fuzzy story about people needing each other would be inserted. Instead let’s look at the unhealthy result of isolation. In Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller shared his experience with an extended period of being alone. He was too comfortable with isolation. “When I lived alone, it was very hard for me to be around people. I would leave parties early. I would leave church before worship was over so I didn’t have to stand around and talk. The presence of people would agitate me. I was so used to being able to daydream and keep myself company that other people were an intrusion. It was terribly unhealthy.” Some readers wouldn’t have seen anything wrong with his attitude and behavior. Others would think that the level of isolation may lean toward being unhealthy. Donald Miller concluded that his level of isolation had become “terribly unhealthy.” Donald spoke to his Pastor about this newly discovered comfort. Donald writes about the conversation, “He (Pastor Rick) said. . . without people I could not grow–I could not grow in God, and I could not grow as a human. We are born in families . . . because God wants us together, living among one another, not hiding ourselves under logs like fungus. You are not a fungus, he told me, you are a human, and you need other people in your life in order to be healthy.” Through more reflection, Donald came to this conclusion: “Loneliness is something that happens to us, but I think it is something we can move ourselves out of. I think a person who is lonely should dig into a community . . . Jesus does not want us floating through space or sitting in front of our televisions. Jesus wants us interacting, eating together, laughing together, praying together.“ You also might need to discover it is better to be with others than to be alone. In Hebrews 10:25, the Bible says, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another.”  The church is not the place for fungus, but for funguys and fungals to build relationships with each other while applying the Bible to their lives. Small Groups are forming for the fall term, which begins the week of September 10 and runs for 10 consecutive weeks. You can sign-up using a Connection Card on Sunday morning or call the church office. New participants will be matched with others during the week of September 3. Group Talk, If you are interested in signing up for a small group or being a small group leader, complete the Connection Card attached to your Sunday bulletin or learn more by visiting our website Small groups begin the week of September 10th.

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