Heart Connections and Sharing Jesus

We desire to be a church full of people who are passionate about helping others share Jesus where we can’t reach on our own. This happens when we have meaningful heart connections with missions on the front lines. In an effort to increase our heart connection with missions, firstChristian is highlighting three of our current missions and one new mission for 2018. 2018 Promoted Core Missions: Literature and Teaching Ministries (LATM – Phil and Susan Casey) Northwest Haiti Christian Mission (NWCHM – LaPlaine Neighbors Project) Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch (Montana) SE Asia Neighbors (Cows in the Jungle) *New Core Mission We hope and expect that through increased focused attention and hands on opportunities, more people of firstChristian will develop a heart connection with one of these four Core Missions, and a heart for missions overall. It is a heart for missions that drives our support and participation. All of our Core Missions count on the generosity of you, the people of firstChristian to meet their financial needs. All of firstChristian’s missions giving is designated to the mission by the giver. That means for them to receive a gift from you, you need to designate your gift. If you feel a heart connection with any of our Core Missions, especially those we are not promoting in 2018, please give to them. firstChristian’s Other Core Missions: Deaf Missions Myazaki Bible House – Al and Rhonda Juve Nebraska Christian College Norfolk Rescue Mission You can designate your gift to one of these missions by making a note on your check memo line or giving envelope. You can also give online at www.fcnorfolk.org/missions. Expectantly,

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