I LOVE the Children!

I LOVE the Children’s Ministry of firstChristian Church. Kristi, Liz and all the volunteers have a passion for teaching kids about Jesus on a level that they can understand. I see a monumental problem in churches today. MANY young adults who were raised in church walk away. Two ways to combat that issue is to engage parents in their child’s faith development and develop a healthy youth and children’s ministry. This is where we get our Orange concept for Children’s Ministry. The heart of a family (RED) and the light of the church (YELLOW) working in cooperation for faith development in children (ORANGE). This is why FCC’s Children’s Ministry made a major shift this past school year. I have some strong beliefs about Children’s Ministry.
  • If you want to reach children, they’ve got to have fun.
  • If you want to reach children, they’ve got to learn something.
  • If you want to reach children, the ministry needs valuable resources.
My parents started taking little Randy to church at 3 years of age. He had golden blonde hair, big blue eyes, and a 3 year-old’s flair for life. Back in the day, “fun” and “church” were never used in the same sentence. Children’s Ministry was designed to mimic the school classroom. A story was told. A worksheet was completed. A picture was colored.  Sit. Listen. Complete assignments. No wonder, if given a choice, children and teens quit going to church. It was another day of school. Children should want to come to church. There should be a motivational force in a home to go to church. (The parents should be the driving force in a home to go to church.)  And they do exactly this at firstChristian. Multiple times (too many to keep track of), parents have said, “My children love being in the Children’s Ministry.” At firstChristian, we go all out, every week to make sure these kids have a great time. They do have fun and learn at the same time. There are two questions every parent needs to ask their children after services. First, “Did you have fun?”  Second, “What did you learn?”  (By the way, an even greater win is when the parents and the kids actually talk about what the child learned!  Together, we make an awesome team!  Red+Yellow=Orange) It takes resources to make Children’s Ministry happen. Money is a part of the necessary resources. People are a HUGE essential resource. A dozen 3-year-olds, like little Randy, could not be placed in a room on their own. It takes volunteers. Liz Spray was recently saying that the 4 year-old class was averaging about 15 during the 9:15 am services and 20 during the 11:00 am services. Thirty-five children in one age, who need a leader at each hour and multiple helpers to facilitate the fun and learning. How many classes do we have each Sunday? It is a reality that volunteer spots are available every Sunday.
In other words, we need YOU in Children’s Ministry.

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