Small Groups Kick off Week | 01.27

We Gather Big each Sunday to worship God and celebrate the good news of Jesus. And for 10 weeks starting September 9th, we are encouraging EVERYONE that’s a part of firstChristian to Group Small.

What does it mean to Group Small? 

The main way we Group Small is through small groups consisting of 8-12 people who meet weekly to build relationships and apply biblical truth to everyday life.

Why we Group Small? 

  • Keep the Conversation Going– small groups are a great way to talk about what you heard on Sunday morning and apply it to your life.
  • Build Community– small groups are a place to develop meaningful connections with other people and learn to care for each other.
  • Impact our Communities– small groups provide opportunities to serve others, invite new faces, and transform lives.

Interested in joining? Sign up today by calling our office today at 402.371.5734

01.27 | Small Group Kickoff

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