Thrive Vision Campaign

“Just to know You and to make You known, we lift Your name on high…”

Casting Crowns “Thrive”


If you’ve visited our church recently, you know that firstChristian is continuing to grow, and are in fact are bumping against overcrowding. We’ve been seeing this coming for a couple of years now, but there’s no avoiding it any longer. It’s time for us to make room to Thrive.


Thrive First Sunday 7.30.17


What is Thrive?

Our church launched the Thrive Vision Campaign to communicate what God has been doing, where we see God leading, and how we can join him in making the vision become reality. God made us to Thrive personally in a relationship with him that transforms our lives. God made us to Thrive together as a people that loves one another and transforms our life together in his family. God has made us to Thrive as a church so that he might use us to transform northeast Nebraska and welcome every couple, every individual, every child into his family as he draws them to himself. We were made to Thrive.


In order to continue to Thrive, we are adding to our current building. This will allow us to meet three vital needs.

The space for children and youth will more than double.

If we are to welcome the families that God is bringing us, we have to make room for children, the next generation, and generations to come. This will be done through repurposing our current worship space.

Our connecting space will more than triple.

As we grow larger, we need to provide space for relationship Velcro, the small and significant conversations that help us connect. Our current lobby and hallway to the worship space makes it difficult to stop to visit.

Our new worship space added to the south will be better designed for worship.

Expressing love to God through song and worship, hearing from God’s word and responding, and joining together to celebrate God’s presence are at the heart of who we are.

Floor Plan 2

To learn more about Thrive, you can watch the video, check out the booklet & view sermons below.

Thrive Campaign Booklet

Thrive Messages

How To Contribute

If you are moved to make this vision reality, we first ask that you PRAY for CLARITY about what God wants you to do and for the COURAGE to follow. We are grateful to each and every person who joins us – no matter how large or small the gift. What matters is the love and faith that fuels that act of generosity.

If you would like to make a commitment to Thrive, you can do so in one of the various ways:

Click on the image below and you can print out a commitment card and return it to the church.Thrive CC

Fill out the online form below and submit it.

Online Thrive Commitment Form

Thrive Commitment

On Sunday morning, stop at the connection center and ask for a Thrive commitment card.


 For more details about ways to give click here.