What is The Thrive Life!

Thrive is the name of the vision campaign that jumpstarted the building expansion and remodel so that we can invite and welcome more into The Thrive Life. We are still under construction, but it’s already working. The worship space is great. Over the four weeks we have been in our new worship space, we have averaged 716 in worship. For the three months leading up to the move, we averaged 550. That is an increase of 166, or 30%, gathering to hear and celebrate the Good News of Jesus! The lobby is great. We now have room to visit. Every week I enjoy seeing the many 2-3-minute conversations. These short visits are relational Velcro that are so important to living The Thrive Life. The parking lot is great. We would not have enough room if it weren’t for the expanded parking lot. Without it we would not have room for everyone God is bringing. The remodel is underway, and it will be great. The kids’ space was already full on Sunday mornings before; now it is busting at the seams! Every Sunday we are over the recommended occupancy in several rooms, and we are keeping an eye on maximum capacity. FUEL, FC Youth Ministry’s Sunday night program had over 140 junior and senior high students on their first night. Club 56, FC Preteen Ministry’s Wednesday after-school program has over 80 students registered. We are eager to get into the additional kids’ classrooms and the Activity Center. Thrive is also the name of the fund to which the people of firstChristian are giving to make the Thrive vision a reality. So far, 333 households have given $1,057,436.38 to Thrive. Thank you. We can only do it together. However, it is essential to remember one thing.
Thrive is not about the money or the space, it is about Life.
  • The Thrive Life is the life that Jesus came to give, life that is full of life.
  • The Thrive Life is biblical truth transforming lives in an atmosphere of love.
  • The Thrive Life is living intentionally with God as he makes me into who he created me to be.
  • The Thrive Life transforms one life, one family, one neighborhood, one community at a time.
  • The Thrive Life is God shaping me (and you) so that together we can impact northeast Nebraska for eternity.
To remind us that The Thrive Life is a lifestyle and not just a message series, we are giving out “The Thrive Life” magnets on Sundays. If you did not get one yet, you can get on at the New Here Center on Sundays. Tim Talks,

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