“Every leader and parent hopes their kids will grow up loving God, loving others, and loving themselves in a healthy way.” from the book – 
It’s Just a Phase
We all want what is best for the kids of firstChristian. Whether it is the kids we are raising in our own homes or the ones we see skipping the hallways at church. We all desire for kids to grow up loving God, loving others, and loving themselves in a healthy way. It is part of who we are at firstChristian. It fits in line with our make – mature – multiply vision.
However, it doesn’t just happen. The next generation needs someone who has gone before them to be for them. We have a unique opportunity to connect kids with Christian adults who value them enough to be present and available. Adults who are willing to jump at the opportunity to be the one to explain who God is to the kids at firstChristian.
I want to let you in on a little secret. We have AMAZING kids volunteers at firstChristian. OK, that is probably not a secret. Every week they love on kids and help them see how much God loves them. They create places where kids feel like they belong. They help kids discover that they can trust God no matter what. They are doing so much more than babysitting. They are building a foundation of faith that can carry on for a lifetime

The problem – we need several more just like them.
We need you!

Every week we are short volunteers in our kids’ ministry.

Every week we have an opportunity to plug a new volunteer in.

Every week we need more adults connecting with kids.

Every week.

This week we can use you!

We need help in a multitude of ways: hall hosts, check-in assistants, nursery volunteers, toy cleaners, classroom assistants, worship leaders, storytellers, computer techs, preschool volunteers and small group leaders. We can find the right fit and get you the training needed to get you started. Maybe this is just the nudge you need to take that next step. I would love to visit with you about all the opportunities we have in kids ministry.

Growing Orange Together,

Volunteer Today!

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