FC Kids: Family FX | 03.04 | 6:00 PM

Parents, we know you want to be the best parents you can be and set your kids up for success in life. But in the world of Mommy Bloggers, Instagram Perfect Families, and #ParentingGoals, it can feel nearly impossible to sort through what is essential and what is an illusion. We end up spinning our wheels and filling our schedules with things that get us through the next day, but often lose sight of the bigger picture and what we really want for our kid’s future. It is time to take back your family! Join us for the FC Family FX on March 4th.  Not only do we provide an awesome and fun family experience for you and your kids, but we give you practical and simple parenting tips that are rooted in God’s Word to equip you throughout the month. This month we will focus on forgiveness.

Throughout the Bible, we can read about the importance of forgiveness. Right from the start, God made a way for Adam and Eve to have a relationship with Him again. The same is true for us. No matter how much we mess up, God will always make a way to forgive us. When it comes to forgiveness, we can also look to Jesus, who chose to forgive even those who were crucifying Him. Because of God’s amazing forgiveness, we should work hard to forgive others.

So load up the minivan and join us for our next Family FX, Wednesday, March 4th at 6:00 PM. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a step away from the rush of right now, and have fun investing in the future of your family.

03.04 | 6:00 PM | firstChristian Church

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