I want to change our world, and I believe you do too.

Change Your World is a powerful way to do just that. Change Your World came out of years of thinking and praying about the future, and the strong sense that God is calling us to make an even greater difference. One year ago, I shared the Change Your World Vision. The CYW Vision is a generosity initiative that starts right here with you and me, inviting God to change our hearts. The CYW Vision challenges us to fuel the mission of firstChristian, to make and mature followers of Jesus in northeast Nebraska and beyond.

Over the last several years, the firstChristian family has seen hundreds of people start and grow their relationship with Jesus. We’ve seen their lives change, which impacts the lives of those in their circle of influence. People continue to move from wounded to healing, selfish to selfless, hurting to hopeful, all through the love of Jesus. It is exciting to see people who love living out their faith and invite others to join them. And it shows.
In 2009, 575 kids and adults gathered on Sundays. Ten years later, our Sundays average 925. The most significant change isn’t numbers but reach. The firstChristian family now gathers from 50 communities all across northeast Nebraska. Still, there is so much more to do. Over 30,000 people within 30 miles of firstChristian and 3 out of 4 households in northeast Nebraska don’t have a meaningful connection with a church family. Through God’s blessing and bold steps of faith, together, we will Change Your World.

The Change Your World Vision is a generosity initiative. A year ago, we all asked God, “What is my part in Change Your World? What do you want me to give?” One hundred ninety-four individuals and families have participated in Change Your World
Giving to the CYW Vision has been used to remodel and enhance our kids, youth, lobby, and activity spaces, reduce our debt by $337,000 and provide $25,000 to making followers of Jesus on the other side of the world. Well done and thank you!

Still, we are far from finished. We are paying for our expansion. We have exciting plans on how to increase our impact around the world through our missions. To accomplish all that lies ahead, together, we will have to take bold steps of faith sparked by hearts aligned with God. Through God’s blessing, we will Change Your World.

I personally invite and encourage you to attend each Sunday in June as we hit refresh on the Change Your World Vision.

Change your heart. Fuel the mission. Change Your World.

Changing Our World Together,
Tim DeFor

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