Make + Mature + Multiply = 3M

3M is at the heart of what we do as firstChristian. Not the company, but the discipleship concept. I’m talking about Make, Mature, and Multiply. As followers of Jesus, we are to make followers of Jesus, mature followers of Jesus, and multiply (help followers make) followers of Jesus. For example, this model can be applied to our Big 4.
Our Big 4 help us to live out our faith in Jesus with others.

Gather Big, Group Small, Serve Somewhere and Give Something. How can 3M apply to these? Consider “Serve Somewhere”.

We believe followers of Jesus cannot be like or become like Jesus without serving. Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. He demonstrated his love for his disciples by washing their feet, a job reserved for the lowest servant. Then he told his disciples to do the same, humbly serve one another.

So, it is our job to make servants, volunteers, who serve one another. This meets the needs of one another, uses our abilities and gifts given by the Jesus’ Spirit, builds up Jesus’ church, furthers Jesus’ mission, and makes us more like Jesus. Like a body, everyone has their place and purpose. Every one of us needs every one of us. That is why we continually encourage you to find your fit and serve. But once someone starts greeting, holding babies, running a video camera, or leading a small group, we are far from done. Now it’s time to mature servants

Even the most gifted have room for growth. Sometimes we need some skills training or to learn a system. Sometimes we need the practice to gain competency. All of us can develop our character in our serving. Over time a servant volunteer needs less guidance and becomes increasingly confident in their area of serving. The coffee server is growing into a mature servant. This is where big joy is just around the corner. Multiplying servants.

When Taylor helps a servant find their fit loving people with coffee on Sundays, she makes a servant. When that person can run the whole coffee bar on a Sunday morning, problem solves, and help people feel warm, welcomed, and awake, they are a mature servant. But when they help someone new find their fit in serving coffee, invest in them just as they have been invested in, we are now Multiplying servants!

3M. Make, Mature, and Multiply Jesus followers who serve. It’s as simple as that.

If you haven’t found your fit, stop by the Connection Center and fill out an interest card. We want to help you
live out your faith in Jesus through serving with others.

If you are serving, well done! Keep it up and keep learning, growing, maturing. And, I want to challenge you to take it to the next level and multiply. Invite a friend to join you the next time you serve. Welcome a new volunteer to shadow you. Pass on what you have learned in your volunteer role to others.

If we do, it is a win win win. Jesus is honored, people’s needs are met, and we grow to be more like Jesus.

Onward and Upward,

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