Rooted Experience

Winter session launch event
JANUARY 21ST, 2020

Don’t let finances prevent you from beginning your journey through Rooted!
Scholarships are available to help cover some of the costs. Contact us for more details.


Whether you are new to a relationship with Jesus or you have walked with Him for a long time, Rooted has the potential to transform your life and how you relate to God, your Church, and your purpose. Rooted combines helpful content with meaningful experiences that help people discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, built on faith’s foundational elements such as worship, generosity, service, evangelism, prayer and studying God’s Word.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Rooted begin?
The upcoming session of Rooted begins with a launch event on Tuesday January 21, 2020 at 6pm.
Can I sign up to go through Rooted with a specific group of people?
Yes, your group can go through this experience together. Be sure to have a discussion with your group and include the name of your group leader when you register. Remember, registration is limited, so don’t delay signing up for this session of Rooted. Contact us to find out more information.
Is there a cost to participate in Rooted?
The cost to attend Rooted is $30 per person. Needs-based scholarships are available. Contact the church office for more details.
Where do Rooted groups meet?
All Rooted groups will meet at firstChristian.
Is childcare available?
Yes, childcare is available for children Birth – 4th grade. There is a one-time fee for childcare which includes all Rooted large group events and small group gatherings. When you register for Rooted, you can sign up for childcare. Contact us if you have any questions or financial concerns.
Do I have to go through Rooted to get into a small group?
We believe this is the best way to connect to a small group environment. Our hope is everyone at firstChristian will participate in Rooted and continue in a small group.
Do Rooted groups transition into small groups?
We hope so! As you go through Rooted, your group will determine whether or not you’ll become a small group.
Is this for the 'New Christian' or 'Seasoned Christian'?
Rooted is for everyone! We believe we can ALL learn and grow through Rooted.